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Conscious Leader!!!
Hey there!

This is Pari Patri,
In the year 2014, I’d finally reached my goals – I was high up the ladder in the corporate world and totally ‘living the dream’. But I eventually realized I was living the wrong dream… someone else’s dream maybe, but not my dream. On the outside, I looked so successful, and I was. I had achieved a lot. But on the inside? I felt stuck. I knew that if I carried on in this path, I’d end up totally empty.

Where was the spiritually powerful person I was as a child? Where was this free, loving being I knew I could be?

Everything had to change.

Was it scary? You bet.

But now? 

I am a conscious creator. 

Everything I do now is part of my fulfillment. I am letting go of the ‘shoulds’ and picking up my personal power. I am giving myself permission to create. To step outside the boundaries of what society tells us to do. I am reaching out to women just like me – women who want more than success. Women who are successful but 'stuck'. Women who want to claim themselves back, connect with their core and become powerful creators of wonderful new realities. Women just like you and me. 
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You are a powerful creator and always remember YOU CAN DO IT
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